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The Baltic States were conspicuous for their radicalism among the other Eastern European countries in regard to the science reforms after 1990. Till 1990, despite of being subjected to the USSR, the Eastern European countries still managed to carry out comparatively independent science policy. Like all the other republics of USSR, the Baltic countries were forced to deputize and follow up obediently all the rules imposed by the USSR. After 1990 the preexisting science administration system was completely abolished in the Baltic States and a new one was gradually introduced. The Baltic academies of sciences underwent a transformation from ministries of science to the academies of individual members with the former institutes becoming independent and later being incorporated within the universities.

After a democratic voting in the fall of 1990 the newly formed Council of Science settled on the introduction of grant system in all spheres of science financing. The grant system accustomed the Latvian scientists with the financing principles operating in the Western world and subjecting the projects and their performance results to a rather thorough expertise.

One can distinguishe two main characteristics of the last decade in the development of the Latvia’s science:

It could be considred that to a certain extent the Latvia’s science is alreday in Europe by taking part in many common programmes and projects financed by the European Union or by some Western European country. The EU, NATO and Western countries provide financial support for the participation of Latvian scientists in international conferences etc. Entry to the united space of European science implies an idiomatic return to the model of the Latvia’s science being part of a big science.

The specific science policy of Latvia is features by several basic documents:

Other documents:



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