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Welcome to the Science of Latvia Website. This Website is created to give you the most comprehensive information about the science in Latvia, science statistics for the period of time from1990-2000, as well as Latvia's R&D institutions and scientists.

The impulse for the creation of this Website can be traced to the agreement (initiated by the Lithuanian Scientific Society with support of UNESCO national committee in Lithuania) between the scientists unions of the three Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) on the development of separate Websites for each of the countries comprising information on their science resources. According to the original conception the Websites will be based on a similar structure and there will be several mutually comparable charts with R&D statistics.  The idea of this kind of information source on science had been conceived already a long time ago. Partially it has been brought into being by the development of Website for the Latvian Academy of Sciences, which explains the multitude of references to this page.


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